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Logo Hurt-Tel

“HURT-TEL”, cables and accessories wholesaler successfully providing supplies and logistic services since 1992. It cooperates with investors and companies operating on the telecommunications, IT and energy market. It provides supplies to telecom and cable TV operators, construction companies, army and police, as well as municipal bodies.

Its commercial offer comprises all types of telecommunications, optotelecommunication (fibre), electrical, station, specialised and others cables and wires.

Hurt-tel also has a wide range of installation materials and passive accessories, used in the construction of the trunk and distribution networks and lines (earth, ground, outdoor and in-store) and connections: telecommunications and IT with copper cables and optotelecommunication (fibre) cables.

The offer includes, among others: switching elements, connector covers, racks, frames, panel cabinets, cable cabinets, server cabinets, conduits, pipes for cable ducts, warning tape, cable wells, planks, as well as materials and accessories used in the construction of external lines (ground and overhead) and inside buildings.

Hurt-tel also provides design and installation services for complete electrical cabinets and switchboards.

Leader: Maciej Szymański
Website: hurt-tel.com.pl