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In 2010, Eteron Group acquired a block of shares in Woodwaste. The primary business of the company was to supply energy companies with agricultural biomass (i.e. pellets from straw and hay). For the first two years, while making use of capital acquired from new partners, EU grants and bank loans, the company managed to modernise the plant in Przytoczna and build 2 plants in Słońsk and Jordanów, thus reaching production capacity of 10,000 tonnes of straw pellets per month.

Unfortunately due to very unfavourable legal environment on the RES market, the profit margins began to fall rapidly and the market dramatically shrank. The company had to quickly adapt to new market realities. Thanks to its commitment, the team developed a comprehensive vision of diversification of markets and products.

Today, Woodwaste is a leader in providing straw bedding for the poultry industry. The company also introduced bedding for pets and established a team working on improving the product and its technological process. The bedding is sold both at home and abroad.

Research also allowed to find a solution to the problem that blocked the development of the pellets market for domestic installations. A mixture of aluminosilicate allowed to raise the temperature of sintering ash so that its combustion does not cause the phenomenon of slagging. The development of this market is yet another milestone in the company’s development.

The company is not resting on its laurels and continues looking for alternative uses of straw.

Leader: Wojciech Pietruszewski
Website: woodwaste.pl